Portable Card Counter EMP-1100C

Presentation: One mainstream portable card counting device in market.

Advantage: Accurate Counting, Easy Operation, Long Stand-by Time

Application: Card Manufacturer, Card Issuer, Telecom operator etc.

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How does EMP-1100C come to the market?


The first type portable card counter JC1100B in China had achieved 85% market share all over the word.


Since JC1100B discontinued from 2013, we’ll recommend you the upgraded version EMP1100C.

Application & Market Share

  • The upgraded version of JC1100B.
  • Over 70% oversea market share.
  • Widely used in Card Manufacturing Field, Card Issuer like Banking, Telecom Operator, and any card business player.

Main Function & Humanized design

  • Advanced low power consumption digital circuit with photoelectric theory technical design.
  • Able to count most cards thicker than 0.4mm made of various materials, such as ABS, PVC, PET, PC etc.
  • Unique Human Engineering designed handle
  • Visible display and bidirectional symmetrical counting keys
  • Based on the Golden Section Theory, unite artistic with humanity.
  • easy to operate and carry for both right and left hands comfortably accurately

Key Program & Cost Saving

Powerful and convenient to count embossed card, thin card and to mute audio, accumulate count and save energy.

  • Two sensors keep stable, accurate and avoid repetition.
  • Only a weep makes the counting numbers be indicated on the LCD screen.


Battery & Wireless Charge

Equipped with safe and energy-efficient battery of Nokia 6100(BL-5C).

Three charging modes:

  • USB
  • universal 5V charger
  • wireless charge from the wireless charging base
  • Common charges for most countries

Operation Instruction

  • Battery Installation
  • Press any button to Power On
  • Counting Operation:

Step 1: Press the multifunction key over 2 seconds to access the menu, topic selection is made with the counting key, and the multifunction key will confirm the selection.

  • Embossed: Select it for counting embossed cards.
  • Thin: Select it for counting cards thinner than 0.60mm (24 mil).
  • Sensitive: Select it for counting the pure white color cards.
  • Auto Accumulation: Select it to accumulate the counting sweeps.
  • Sound mode: Select it to turn on / off the buzzer.

Step 2: Press the counting key, the card counter enters into counting mode, the display will then show:
Make sure the counting mode comply with the card type.


Step 3:Place the counter on the card surface and move smoothly, the display will show:


In case of miscount, the buzzer will alarm, and the display show:


  • Professional wrapping and experienced logistics team make sure packaging tight and safely when you received it.
  • Generally, we put 5 pcs into one cartoon. L*W*H and GW/NW are about 0.5m*0.3m*0.25m and 8kgs/7.5kgs.

Typical Client Needs

Customers are our employers, for whom we solve the problem and create more values abidingly. Your demands are our goals. This product meets all demands as fellow. Please kindly let us know, if you have further requirements.

•  It’s better to have durable and long lifetime and warranty to ensure my authority.

•  It’s better to count white card, colored card and embossed card made of various materials like ABS, PET, PC, PVC,-etc.

•  Honestly, I’m a left-hander. It’s better to operate it with comfort and accuracy with bidirectional counting key and read the result on the self-oriented display.

•  To charge the battery fast and easily, it’s better if there is multiway to charge the battery. E.g. via USB, via universal 5V charger and via wireless charge from the wireless charging base.

•  To enjoy wonderful operation experience, it’s better to count the card quantity with high accuracy and comfort. It’s better to learn operation and important notice easily with user manual and video.

•  For counting result record, it’s better to upload data to PC with USB cable. What’s more, it’s better to accumulate single counting result to accomplish large volume task. E.g. Single Count Capacity: 1-2000pcs; Maximum Accumulation: 99999 purchase.

•  We’re a small facility and won’t count cards often. It’s better to have long stand-by time or auto standby/power off function. E.g. the counter will stay in standby mode in inactive for 20 seconds and power off automatically if no operation in 60 seconds.

•  I like my quiet and peaceful working environment, so it’s better to enable or disable the vocal indication function. And I can’t afford to equip I unit for all organization, so it’s better to handle and carry. E.g. Dimension: 175*70*36mm (7” * 2.75” * 1.40”); Weight: 250g (0.55lb)

•  I’m an environmentalist. The battery is better to be high capacity and rechargeable and it’s better to be an energy-saving device with low consumable chip rated less than 320mAh at least. I’d like to see the battery level indicator on the LCD display and hear the low-battery alarm.

Photo & Video



This part- Features shows essential function of products, particular designed structure, and functions of spare parts which help you know about the product more clearly.

•  Universal Li-battery

•  Count Modes: Single Count and Accumulation Count

•  Battery charging method: Plug, USB or wireless charging

•  Integrates counting modes menu for different types of cards

•  Visual display and audio signal help judging the counting results

•  Power Save: Auto power off if no operation within 30 seconds; power on by pressing any key

•  Two high-resolution counting sensors ensures the high accuracy to count 0.4mm to 3mm cards

•  Two bidirectional counting keys and self-oriented LCD display make right-hand and left-hand users comfortable, convenient

•  Ergonomic Keys: Two scan keys, two accumulation keys Intelligent keys on the left and right side, compatible for left and right hand user


This part shows you full-view parameter of products and order info. As the data can make you know about the performance and deploy better.

Card Material

 •  All regular plastic cards (ABS, PVC, PC PET, etc.) incl. white cards and
paper board cards (depending on kind of material and die-cutting burr)

Card Thickness

 •  0.4mm-1.5mm

Power Supply

 •  Battery Li-ion 3.7V/1200mAh (BL-5C)

 •  Compatible of NOKIA 6100 (BL-5C)


 •  Temperature: 10 ~40℃


 •  Humidity: 30%~90%

Single Counting Capacity

 •  1~2000 pcs

Maximum Accumulation

 •  99999


 •  175 mm (L)×70 mm (W)×36 mm (H)

Net Weight

 •  250g



Why Buy It

We have many advantages as follow. Want to benefit from it? Why not?

•  Wireless Charger & visual display

•  Accurate counting & 1 year warranty

•  Adequate Inventory & quick Shipment

•  Attractive price & human cost reduction

A variety of solutions

•  Single Counting Capacity: 1~2000 pcs

•  Maximum Accumulation: 99999 purchase

•  Ower Consumption: Standby status: <7mA, while working status’s: <60mA

•  It can count 0.4mm to 3mm thickness white cards, colored cards and embossed cards made of various materials such as ABS, PET, PC, PVC, etc.

Unique Structure & Flexible Function

•  Two high-resolution counting sensors: ensure the high accuracy

•  Multifunction key: make it convenient to switch ‘Single Counting’ and ‘Accumulation’ mode

•  (Standby status power consumption: <7mA, while working status’s: <60mA): ensure safety and save energy

•  High capacity lithium battery with battery level indicator and low-battery alarm, low-consumption chip rated at less than 320Mah

•  Light weight, tiny configuration, optional counting mode and human engineering design: make it easy to carry and operate

•  Two bidirectional counting keys and self-oriented LCD display: make right-hand and left-hand users feel comfortable, convenient and satisfied

•  Unique algorithms: make it possible to count white card, colored card and embossed card made of various materials such as ABS, PET, PC, PVC, etc

•  Three charging modes (via USB, via universal 5V charger, and via wireless charge from the wireless charging base) and optional muting mode: suitable to most working environment of all over the world

Widely Used, Enormous Potential & High Market Share

It has over 70% oversea market share and more than 95% in domestic. It’s widely used in fields of Card Manufacturing, Banking, Card Issuer like Banking, Telecom Operator, and any card business player

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Service & Support

Services before Sales

  • Reply your inquiry within 24 hours.
  • Communication by email.
  • Welcome you visiting our factory and final users in China.
  • Help for VISA application and Invitation Letter issuing.
  • We afford you consultation for 24 hours of 7 days in the process of sale and after service by phone or mail. We will support you for advisory opinion in purchasing, explanation in various technical problems and reliable supply in technique support.
  • battery & CD including data management software

Services on Purchasing

  • Communication by email.
  • Welcome you visiting our factory and final users in China.
  • Help for VISA application and Invitation Letter issuing.
  • Optional Cost-effective Shipment


Services after Sales

  • Online Support, 24 hours feedback once got the email
  • Enough Spare Parts Preparation for you…
  • Engineer to customer’s site for training & repairment
  • Our equipments have 12 months for quality guarantee after sale. If the equipments do not work because of self cause, we will do free service and change the damaged spare parts.
  • We will do life-long maintenance for all of our sold equipments. After quality guarantee period, if you can not maintain the equipments by self, we are under an obligation to go to work place and assist you to make maintenance. The cost of spare parts as well as expenses of traveling and man-hour of worker will be negotiated separately. Spare parts will be supported whether during guarantee period or not.
  • After have finished maintenance, our service engineer will do training for the operators in plenty of time so that operators can be ensured to independently make operation, debugging and daily plant maintenance.

Q: Can the EMP1100C count 0.3mm thickness card and 3mm thickness card?
A:  I’m afraid not. It is made of advanced low power consumption digital circuit with photoelectric theory technical design, and can count 0.4mm to 3mm(not included) thickness cards made of various materials, such as ABS, PVC, PET, PC etc.

Q: Can the EMP1100C count white card, colored card and transparent card,black card?
A:  This card counter is capable for white and colored cards, but not for transparent cards or cards thinner than 0.4mm or thicker than 3mm (119mil). And it’s not stable to count black cards.

Q: Do you have warranty for the EMP1100C?
A:  Yes, we have 1 year warranty.

Q: How & when do you ship them?
A:  By air. Generally, the dispatch time will be within one week since we got payment.

Q: How much is it?
A:  It’s up to your requirements. After clearing customers’ real needs, we’ll send them official quotation. If 5pcs or more per time, you may get some discount.

Q: Do you have any local agent here?
A:  RIMEC in Germany is in charge of European trade. ALFB in Brazil is in charge of South American trade.

Q: Can the EMP1100C count the envelope and poker?
A:  I’m afraid not. For envelope and poker, we’re glad to recommend you some other machines.

Q: What are the regular configuration and optional spare parts?
A:  Regular configuration: one user manual, one card counter, one power adapter, one USB data wire and one wireless charging base. Optional spare parts: CD, battery (Nokia 6100 BL-4C/5C)

Q: Do you have video for EMP1100C?
A:  Yes, we do. Please kindly find the video on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ynKdYFXMGY&list=UUwQyUAO6emIWM30rDs2rUZA

Q: Why is the EMP1100C more expensive than JC-1100B?
A:  JC-1100B has stopped production for several years. And EMP1100C is the upgraded version of JC-1100B, one of the latest developments which provide brand new functions such as data management, operation menu, and wireless battery charging. It can count non-transparent card thicker than 0.4mm and comes with 1 year warranty. So the price is quite different with JC-1100B.

Q: What’s the country of origin?
A:  It’s made in China. Please inform us first, if you need Certificate of Origin.

Q: What’s regular package info?
A:  EMP1100C, One carton for 5pcs, L*W*H and GW/NW are about 0.5m*0.3m*0.25m and 8kgs/7.5kgs for your reference.

Q: How to count embossed card and cards thinner than 0.60 mm (24mil)?
A:  Take embossed card counting for example.

1st Step: Press the multifunction key to power on the card counter.


2nd Step: Press any key to enter into counting mode.


3rd Step: Depress the multifunction key over 2 seconds to access the menu.

4th Step: Press any key to enter into selection menu. There are 8 options.


5th Step: Press the counting key to select the EMBOSSED_MOD, then press multifunction key to confirm the selection. Meanwhile, you may select other mode as your need.


  • EMBOSSED_MOD: Select it for counting embossed cards.
  • THIN_CARDMOD: Select it for counting cards thinner than 0.60mm (24 mil).
  • HI_SENSITIVE: Select it for counting the pure white color cards.
  • AUTO_ACCUMUL: Select it to accumulate the counting sweeps.
  • SOUND_B_OPEN: Select it to turn on / off the buzzer.

6th Step: EXIT MENU: Select it to exit menu.


7th Step: Now, you may enter into the counting mode to count embossed cards.


YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq6_922Spm8&list=UUwQyUAO6emIWM30rDs2rUZA

Q: Any other important notice?
A:  as follow:
•  This card counter is not capable for transparent cards or cards thinner than 0.4mm.

•  Please make sure the cards are placed / stacked horizontally in the same direction, and maintain the cards aligned upright; the card edge should be sharp and clean.

•  The two sensors on the bottom shell are the key factors for accurate counting, please make sure the sensors make tight contact with the cards' edge horizontally, and the counter is moved smoothly along the stack during the sweep.

•  Since the sensors have different sensitivities toward different card colors, if the counting error message comes again, try to tilt very lightly the stack of cards either direction and sweep the stack again.

•  When counting small quantities of the cards, make sure that the cards are well stacked horizontally as tight as possible.

•  Please keep the card counter away from strong light while counting.

•  Please keep the card counter away from wireless devices while counting.

•  Please keep the sensors clean of debris and dust, and clean periodically with alcohol soaked cotton swab.

•  Disconnect the wireless charging base when not in service. Additionally, remove the battery from the EMP1100C when not in use for an extended time period.

•  In the case of difficulties to count thin cards, or cards of special substrate, slow down the counting sweeps speed. Or, try again after stacking the cards vertically at an angle less than 90 degrees, say 88-89 degrees, from horizontal surface in order to prop-up the cards top edge for the sensors.

•  If the counter stops responding while in operation, a reboot is necessary: Power off, remove and reinstall the battery and power on the card counter again.

•  Strong light rays and focused light signals could interfere with the operations of the sensors, leading to miscounts. Make sure the counting operations are protected from such interferences.

General FAQ
Q: What are my payment options? 
A:  We accept payment by L/C, T/T, Western Union. Sorry while credit card is not available nowadays.   
Q: What are my shipping options?
A: Shipping via your courier account. Or shipping via our DHL, FedEx, UPS, airline account, customer is responsible for freight.

Commercial FAQ
Q: How to check the shipment status?
A: Our sales representative will provide you the tracking number once after your goods be shipped out, also our logistic personnel will follow up the transport status till you receive your cargos successfully.
Q: What is the warranty policy?
A: We pay full responsibility if customer found quality problem in our products.

      Warranty of machine is 1 year excluding artificial damage.
      Warranty of consumable product is be defined according to the difference of product properties, our sales representative will state it clearly before you purchase.