Metal Smart Card Manufacturing Solutions

Feb 15, 2022

About Metal Card Market 
The consumer credit card market is poised to see metal cards become the new sensation,
with metal programs offering financial institutions the opportunity to win high value cardholders and fuel business growth. For both issuers currently offering metal cards and those considering adding metal to their portfolio, ensuring their programs provide the necessary features for sustainable success in the long-term will be key. This metal manufacturing solutions from RSID team will explore how and why the areas of design, manufacturing materials and functionality are instrumental in unlocking the greater potential of a financial institution's metal card program.

Metal Card in the News 
● G+D Mobile Security redefining the consumer's experience from physical to digital with Canada's first prepaid metal payment cards for KOHO.

● CPI Card Group®’s Dual Interface Metal Cards Uniquely Combine High-Quality Design and Contactless Capability.

● With IDEMIA’s metal cards, banks attract and retain high-end clients by recognizing their status with a distinctive card offering.

Metal Card Structures

Metal Card Body Manufacturing Flow Chart

Automated Collation & Magstripe Mounting Machine
● The machine is a unique and high effective solution for collation, overlay placing and magstripe mounting. Which can make up the sheets to be ready for lamination.

● Customized design is acceptable. Ideal solution for card manufactures to reduce material cost and save manpower.


Automated Rotary Laminator
● The system specially designed for mass production of big sheet likes 6x8/6x9/7x8 with amazing & innovative design, works in 7x24 industrial concepts!

● All loading & unloading jobs will be operated automatically by a smart rotary system. The laminator is able to synchronize the sheets’ feeding and discharging.

● The unique tech of Slight-Press Starting will reduce the chip loss rate during RFID card/ inlay pre-lamination, keep the pressure close between upper openings and bottom openings, ensure the sheets lamination in high quality.

Protective Film Laminating Machine
● To use machine for single-side or dual-side film lamination. No need for much high accuracy, so cost can be saved.

● The machine should support auto collection function and send sheets to punching machine in order

Automated Hole Punching Machine
● Side boundary positioning can not keep very high accuracy of the printing pattern.
● Sensor/CCD works little slow and can not be compatible for 2 sheets simultaneously
So the way to punch holes out of boundary line is the most convenient. And one machine supports multi milling machines feeding.
Function: Quick positioning on milling machine to make all sheets in same position.
Way: Two or three holds out of  edge side.  
Request: Sensor mark lines request or positioning  hole on printing layout.


Headache & Our Related Solutions
Positioning: To fast the sheet positioning before into machine tool and increase the possibility for synchronous processing of two or three axis to improve the throughput
Surface Protection: High risk for surface scratch in the milling /cutting process by multi-transferring
Platform Pressure Loss: Sheet or card is not so flat after lamination so that the edge will loosen and loss pressure.
Platform Sweeping: Scraps on platform affects absorption as well as scratch on surface
Rapid Reloading: Time and labor wasting if only single material loading every time.
Rapid Collection: Unified collection and into cassette in sequence.


CNC Carving Machine
● Put the sheet with viscosity side on the platform and open the vacuum to make position.

● The principal axis uses milling cutter for chip cavity and card shape.

● Uses milling cutter for surface of chip cavity to make it smooth and upper surface chamfering.

● Finish negative chamfering for the metal card.

● In the process of principal axis working, open the cooling system to keep surface clean.

● Turn off the vacuum and take out the material and then change the new ones.


Peel off the Film & Collect the Card Machine
● The operator take out the materials and put the sheet on the convey belt for film peel off.

● Once the film is separate with the card, take out the film and skeleton and the cards will be collected in sequence.

Ultrasonic Cleaning & Drying Machine
● The operator take out the Metal Cards from CNC machine and put into Ultrasonic Cleaning tank.

● Afer Rinsing, the metals cards will be moved to drying unit by transfer arm.


IC Card Embedding with Pre-personalization Machine
● This machine is for smart metal card high accuracy chip implanting/embedding and OS-loading(pre-personalization).

● Metal card can be feed smoothly.

● The direction of milled and un-milled card will be automatically inspected.

● With 6 pin and 8 pin chip punching module combined together, different size of mould is easy to replace.

● The pneumatic clip with the function of automatically adjustment will put the card on the desired place.

● Test the modular ATR before collecting card.

● Well manufactured card transporting and positioning device, make no scratch on card, especially metal card.

Metal Card Surface Visual Inspection System
● Surface Quality: Scratches, Spot, Bubble, Bulge, Dent, Punching Error, Fiber…

● Printing Quality: Matt, Cross Color, Color Registration, Registration Error, Printing Registration relative to spatial objects, Missing Printing/ Incomplete Text, Ink Spots, Contam, Color Dot, Picking Ink, Oil Stains, UV Spots, OVI, Secured Printing, Water Mark, Subtle Color or Brightness Shifts, Localized Flaw, Any Other Printing Error…

● Card Visual Items: Chip Position, Shape & Position of Logo, S.P, Magnetic Stripe, Hologram, Partial Missing of Lamination Foil, Holes On Lamination Foil…

● UV Invisible Inspection

● Hologram's Graphic And Content Inspection(Optional)


Dual-Heads Hot-stamping Machine
● More accurate positioning for hologram foil and signature panel, control by X, Y Axis.

● Step motor for material loading, repeatable stamping interval to reduce the waste material.

● HMI+PLC+ Servo Control System makes the machine easy to operate and maintenance.

● Servo control system makes easily, adjustable hot stamping time and pressure.

● Card’s flip over system makes 2 sides hot-stamping for hologram & signature panel synchronously.

● Optional 2 sets tape cleaning systems can clean the dirty and wasted material synchronously.


Multifunction Portable Metal Card Counter 
● CM-1 is a newly developed handheld card counter to count various Metal card, colored core card and transparent card. It can work for above 0.45 mm thickness plastic cards including IC card, ID card, Embossing card and compatible for PVC card, PET card, ABS card, Paper board card etc.

● Smart LCD display: display single/total count, display battery power

● All aluminum alloy & streamlined design: wearable and shockproof, reducing scratches caused by contact with the card surface

● General high capacity battery: strong endurance, and equipped with the latest charging interface TYPE-C

Metal Card Manufacture Outsource
We are a PCI certified card manufacturer providing the highest quality payment cards to issuers of credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty and rewards cards. With an ever growing demand for upscale products, we have created a state of the art manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have developed a product line of prestigious metal based cards utilizing EMV, Contact, Contactless and Dual Interface technologies to meet the demands of this ever growing market.

Using the very latest technology and working with patented and proprietary techniques, FCS is able to provide elite metal cards to issuers and card producers better and faster than traditional suppliers.

Our focus is on taking care of our customers through exceptional service and by providing the latest technology, innovative products and practices, and by offering research and development to help clients differentiate their cards. FCS leadership has spent hundreds of combined years in the
card world and know that satisfying the marketplace leads to growth and success in the workplace – where our team members thrive.

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