Congrats to ship Inspection systems to Taiwan

Jan 21, 2022

RSID Solutions, a professional card industrial inspection solutions provider, announced the customized Card Quality Inspection System (KX-CardCore-V3) and Multi-function Smart Card Tester RD-TD01 which are widely used for card visual quality inspection and variable date verification are well packed and waiting for shipment to Taiwan on 16th Jan, 2022.
KX-CardCore-V3 ( is a cost-saving solution used after card punching and before personalization to save the manual visual inspection labor and improve the efficiency. Available for SIM card, banking card, national ID card and metal card. While RD-TD01 is perfect for the middle volume card personalization and variable date verification. They’re both Ideal solutions for card manufactures to reduce material cost and save manpower and widely used in China, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Philippines, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Mexico, Israel, Canada, etc.
RSID Solutions is available to provide the turnkey inspection solutions for smart card industry like offset printed sheet inspection, gold sample proof, card quality inspection, chip implanting, hologram hot-stamping inspection and variable date verification. High efficiency, stable and affordable price made our machine to be the 1st choice for the customers.


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